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IOS APP Development
We specialise in iOS APP development, in general we implement APP functions through code development to ensure a good user experience; at the same time we can also use hybrid development to implement APP functions
Android App Development
We specialize in Android APP development, providing full process APP consulting, planning and development services for mainstream Andriod systems
Pad APP Development
Provide IOS, Andriod and Pad application design and development services
IoT App Development
Provide professional intelligent Internet of things open app development services, smart home, smart district, smart city, video surveillance class
Tight development process control for mobile application development

Mobile App Customisation Process

Customer enquiries
Start-up phase
Brand Vision
System development
Test modifications
Trial operation online
1. Create a customer profile
2. Understanding basic needs
3. Customer resource allocation
4.Regular customer service return visits

1. Risk prediction
2. Framing the scope of services
3. Define the time plan
4. Determine staffing arrangements
5. defining feedback mechanisms
6. define outcome criteria
7. publish implementation costs

1. Establishment of the project team
2.Use of research phase
4. Concept design
5. Risk pre-proposal
6. Scenario simulation
7. Prototyping
8.Interaction Planning
9.Prototype Review

1. Concept ideas
2.Interaction improvement
3. Styling
4. Online review
5.Batch design

1. Front-end development
2.Functional breakdown
3.Browser compatibility testing
4.Database design
5.Backend logic sorting
6. Coding phase

1.Bug modification
2.Performance test
3.User experience testing
4.Project Review
5.Project summary

1.Preparation for launch
2.Functional training
3.Data monitoring
4.Daily promotion
5. Regular return visits

Interaction design involvement

Source Code
Test Reports
User manuals
Database design
Description of the
code framework
source files
System design

Delivery list

Delivering not only neat and tidy source code, but also detailed system design documentation

APP Development Industry Solutions

Our technical team specialises in the customisation and development of high-quality app applications 

Shopping Mall App

The mall app is based on mobile to achieve the whole process of online shopping for consumers

Education App

Full range of education app development solutions 

Live video App live e-commerce APP software development also through the platform anchor with goods to sell related goods, to a certain extent to promote the development of offline industry

Social app functionality via mobile app 

Cross-territory dating, shortening the distance between two people 

Takeaway App

Takeaway platform system for food service, retail and other industries to create O2O takeaway ordering system, catering retail fresh food multi-industry support, from the order + order + delivery + settlement and other multi-process to provide professional solutions, through the fast runner takeaway system to build their own local takeaway platform, to achieve greater revenue

Life Service App

People's lives are inseparable from food, clothing, housing and transportation, food, drink and entertainment, etc. Life app can connect the offline life and the network, people's lives are more colorful, life brings greater convenience

Real estate app

The Real Estate App provides access to real estate developments, comprehensive real estate profiles, aerial views of sandboxes, maps of community environments, maps of room types, maps of real estate facilities 

As an innovative technology in the tourism industry, the travel app offers a selection of tourist attractions from all over the country and even the world, and provides customers with travel, food, accommodation, transportation and shopping services tailored to their needs.物和娱乐活动等综合化的个性服务 

Domestic APP software uses one-to-one industry information APP exchange mode, domestic service supply and demand customers can capture domestic domestic market dynamics, domestic knowledge, domestic hotspots and other industry information 

Beauty app

With the online booking function, you can easily access the beauty services in-store, no more waiting in line and you can enjoy the beauty services in-store.

Sports app development can solve the user's problem by providing sports users with a huge number of sports events, so that they can understand the progress of the event in a particularly intuitive way

Tools app

Powerful as a ruler, level, torch, magnifying glass, metronome, scanner

Watch the news and keep up with the news anytime, anywhere


Mainstream navigation software provides route planning for our journeys and shows whether there are road congestions on the route.

The running app can fully connect people's needs with their free time, effectively improving people's quality of life

The use of APP to do fresh e-commerce is also an innovative e-commerce young people's life is busy, busy work, but also want to come home from work to eat fresh farming food, then fresh APP for the appropriate

Convenience, online booking and on-time arrival of online taxis improve the travel experience for consumers

APP Development Case

Enhancing business value together

Publish news anytime, anywhere, review manuscripts in a timely manner, and edit rich text

AI intelligent voice query, course study and exam, live broadcast and recording function

Application field: app development

Home stay hotel system - APP

Educational examination live broadcast type app



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