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Smart Party Building Platform

Giving a new connotation to grassroots party building and enhancing its vitality. Enhance the management effectiveness of party building work and serve all branches and party comrades in the jurisdictions to which they belong. Build a smart party building cloud platform for party committees at county, township and village levels, vertical to the end and horizontal to the edge. Using the Internet and big data means to ensure that the activities of party organisations are effectively on the ground; accessing the platform in a variety of ways through PC, mobile phone APP, website and touch screen, using Internet information technology for tracking and guidance, real-time online review, real-time statistical analysis, notification and supervision, to enhance the efficiency and coverage of supervision.
Intelligent building management is a new concept and an innovative model of social management in the new situation. The intelligent building management system integrates management, security and equipment management systems, abstracting physical buildings into digital buildings, connecting Internet data and Internet of Things data through digital buildings, forming a new management and operation model, i.e. enhancing efficiency through digital operation, centralised supervision of buildings, energy management, operation and maintenance management, and realising various systems The new management and operation model is to improve efficiency through digital operation. It reduces energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs, enhances the comfort of the building environment, extends the life of equipment and facilities, creates a comfortable, convenient and intelligent building, realises refined management to improve management efficiency and enhances customer experience through intelligent scenarios.

Intelligent Building Platform

Green and energy efficient, intelligent and optimised

Through various forms of terminal equipment, calls and data interconnection, the smart community builds a three-dimensional and instantaneous intelligent platform, realizes intelligent community management, and provides diversified services for community residents' lives. It provides community residents with products and services that are needed by community users, including telecommunication services, living services, convenient living, train ticket purchase, water, electricity and gas bill payment, courier services, fresh food reservation and other special products and preferential information, realizing the interactive capability of the platform of "immediate need + regular + high frequency", establishing reservation services, interpersonal communication and platform The platform's interactive capabilities will enable the establishment of reservation services, interpersonal communication and platform services, and the creation of a closed-loop community ecosystem.

Smart Community Platform
Digital Citizen Services

Intelligent Fire Fighting Platform
119 Ecosystem

Intelligent fire fighting based on "one core, one system, nine systems" intelligent fire fighting "119" platform, fire fighting big data core, fire fighting intelligent monitoring platform (Internet of things platform), fire fighting 3D video fusion application system, fire fighting 3D digital plan fusion system, fire fighting grid management system, fire fighting mobile work system, 3D fire fighting monitoring and early warning system, fire fighting and rescue intelligent command system, fire fighting big data decision analysis system.
The "Smart Street" integrates information on people, places, things, situations, events and organizations in the street (street), covering smart street management, mainly including street and township whistle blowing, party building, government affairs, work, activities, grid and big data content. Based on the construction of street infrastructure, the project will realize the informationization, intelligence and modernization of street management, and provide residents with a convenient and intelligent street service system.

Smart Streets Platform
Smart Street Services

The tourism big data analysis product is one of the comprehensive data products of the regional insight product series of smart big data, integrating smart customer data, wireless data, detailed list data, signaling location data, network log data, base station data, and combined with map data from the government, scenic spots, transportation and tourism enterprises, to provide tourism big data analysis report, data interface services, SaaS service form tourism big data analysis The product. The product helps tourism management departments, scenic spots and tourism enterprises to dig into the laws of tourists' behaviour, realize tourism index release, tourism operation analysis, emergency warning and trend prediction, and promote the rapid development of tourism. It provides consultancy reports, data call services, SaaS products and overall tourism industry solutions to government authorities, tourism management departments, multi-sector tourism enterprises and scenic spots.

Smart Tourism Big Data Platform
Tourism Big Data Analytics



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